Fun in the echo park

Its getting hot down here.
It was high 80's today. Tomorrow mid 90's. I'm getting more brown each the day.

Go see this shit "300" !!! Great movie!!!
I'm down to go again.

Nothing new here. Just working, drinking and trying to stop smoking.

hey gays

Haven't posted since last year.
A lot of shit has been happening, but theres too many personal things to go in details.
Onto the the good stuff...

We have a tour with the nekromantix and westbound train coming up in may.
these are the dates.

FRI, MAY 18, 2007 Buffalo Icon BUFFALO NY
SAT, MAY 19, 2007 Agora Theatre CLEVELAND OH
SUN, MAY 20, 2007 Metro CHICAGO IL
MON, MAY 21, 2007 Creepy Crawl ST. LOUIS MO
TUE, MAY 22, 2007 Record Bar KANSAS CITY MO
THU, MAY 24, 2007 Gothic Theater DENVER CO
FRI, MAY 25, 2007 The Black Sheep COLORADO SPRINGS CO
SAT, MAY 26, 2007 Launchpad ALBUQUERQUE NM
SUN, MAY 27, 2007 Club Congress TUCSON AZ

Our album its finished and the record will come out sometime in May also.

Its getting hot here again. But I guess I'm getting use to it.
it was in the low 50's last week and now we're in the high 80's.

Anyway, will be back soon...


This is my once a year update...but I read everyones Lj.

Anyway, we are heading up to Frisco on Friday to play Gilman.
Then we are gonna sell out like Greenday did cuz thats the
thing to do now days. nah, but it should be fun playing
up there.
Big Daddy-O


Yah know how some rich folks say that money doesn't matter to them...
well ofcourse it doesn't matter to them cuz they have it.
Karla and I was talking today from the market...
we say money is the root of all happyness (in most of the majority of cases)
If I was rick bitch I'de be happy, not that I'm miserable right now
but you know what I mean.

I'm little tipsy.


I've had 2 days off this week, very much needed.
All I could do is be bored and eat and eat some more.
Big Daddy-O

About my Previous Post

No more gay updates about gay people coming out of the closet cuz thats gay.

On another note...I've been having weird dreams lately.
For example last night I dreamt that I was on an airplane going who knows where. Well turns out that the plane blew out all of the engines and we were on a free fall. The worst part is that we were in the middle of the ocean. Everyone was panicking. Out of nowhere this hot model stands up in the middle of the isle and starts yelling "I wanna die feeling like a woman" "whos man enough to make me feel like a woman" She kept yelling that over and over. "whos man enough to make me feel like a woman" No one was paying attention to her, so I was like fuck it aye. I took my shirt off, threw it at her and I said: "here, iron this" and then I woke up.

Going to work in a few.
Meres entry made me hungry.