I'm not friendly with subjects

We are having a heat WAVE!

Normally during the summer we are use to the 90's and so on and I wouldn't really complain cuz you kinda get use to it yah know, but lately its been over 100 degrees!!. Yesterday we hit the 115 mark and its way too fucking hot. Our A.C.(the fan we got for free) its been on the whole day.

I found this on myspace and I thought it was funny...thought.

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La Familia


Had a corona with dinner tonight, it was good. Karla cooked so it was even better.
Its been hot lately but what else is new right.

If your bored and have nothing to do check us out on
rancid radio. Our band was featured last month and its
now being played on XM on the fungus channel 53.
Check the link for the times.

Neway, I'm hot and sticky.
La Familia

George Carlin on tv

So we were at the Echo two nights ago and during the nekromantix set some
one thru a bra on stage, nekroman grabed it, put it on his bass and kept
on playing. Was kinda funny.

I've been working over time for the last few days and I'm super tired.
I get to have a four day weekend.

So we did rancid radio last time we were in San Francisco and I didn't know they
only play it on sirius...I might just get a 3 day trial. Lars has a pretty cool house.

Has anyone seen "Lucky Louie" on hbo?? I'm getting into it.
Same shit with "Big Love".

Spell Check for me

I'm still a fan of Pan dulce with coffee.

Another hot day, I'm kindoff getting use to them.

I was bored and found some home remedies on ebaums world.

Also a couple of pictures of our big cat.

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Hey there mateys.
Karla and I just recently moved in to a new apartment.
Everythings good so far with the exception of our cat
being super annoying and not having internet service for
about a week already. We get our phone line hooked up til
next Thursday so that means dsl aswell. To top it off the
cable line for comcast is fucked up, so that means rewiring again.
But everything else is good.
Going up to San Fran for the weekend.
This computer at work sux.


Its almost 2 in the A.M.
I'm gonna knock the fuck out.
Its been so hectic lately, moving into a new apartment.
Packing more stuff tomorrow.